LWUIT works on top of PhoneME or MIDPath. Why LWUIMB ?

LWUIMB allows developers to create user interfaces (UI) with a small footprint in a flexible way.

Because the LWUIMB core only depends on the mininal java classes subset (CLDC) and is designed to be adapted to any graphical library in a few lines of code, it's easy to develop nice UI on your preferred/target device for any kind of JVM (CLDC, CDC, J2SE) and graphical library (SDL, QT, GTK, AWT, SWT, Linux Framebuffer, X11/Escher)

Can I use LWUIMB in a MIDP2 environment ?

Yes but it's not the main target of LWUIMB. You should use standard LWUIT instead.

Will M3G and SVG be supported ?

If people request that SVG/M3G work with LWUIMB in a standalone fashion, it could be done with a little work from MIDPath packages.

Where can I find the MicroBackend sources ?

MicroBackend is currently a sub-project of MIDPath. You have to build it from the MIDPath SVN (don't use the MicroBackend jar in the MIDPath tarball yet). You can find build instructions on the MIDPath project page.

Could LWUIMB be compiled natively with gcj ?

We didn't try. But it shouldn't be too hard to make it work. Don't hesitate to ask us for help.

How to pronounce LWUIMB ?